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"Air is Vital and Free and so is God's Grace"

Air Chapel - who we are

In 1997, the Air Chapel Community Learning Center (ACLC) began in response to a resolution by Texas legislature encouraging faith-based restorative programs in juvenile justice youth facilities. “Crime is Christianity's ancient enemy.” The Mission was started by a Marine Corps combat veteran and now an ordained chaplain. A parent's memorial for a deceased law enforcement officer has grown. Others can also serve in this way. Three other volunteer families have also lost sons and have a real passion for rescuing youth from a life of crime.


The air Chapel is located at the North Texas Regional Airport (formerly Grayson County / Perrin Field) adjacent to the Department of Juvenile Services Boot Camp which serves 10-17 year old delinquent boys. The building was funded by concerned citizens and churches, and in 1998, the center and its operations came under the umbrella of Community Services Network, Inc., a 501 (C) (3) non-profit corporation, and all donations are tax deductible.

All funding for the Air Chapel is provided by private donations, churches, and community organizations. All workers are volunteers with no paid staff at all.

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Community Services Network, Inc.
Air Chapel
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