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"Air is Vital and Free and so is God's Grace"

Air Chapel - prayers from inside the wire

prayers form insidePrayer requests from 8-4-19

R – I want to pray that my grandma stays alive until I get home. Praise the Lord!

Z – 1. I pray that when I get home I do good so I can be in my daughter’s life. 2. Pray that my momma gets back on her feet

B – I ask you God to give me the chance to do good on this _______. Also please take care of my family and pray that they stay safe.

K – My mom that she’s all right

M – I ask to pray for my family, friends. Also, I ask that God makes me strong, and also lets me leave this place, doing good. And please protect my family, friends, and the stuff. Thank you. God Bless.

F – Thank God for his protection. Pray for _____ that everything goes well in the military and that we’ll make it together.

M – Pray for family and friends

D – I would like y’all to pray for me to leave this program in a good manner and for my family so when I come home they’ll be healthy.

C – That God helps me graduate school in ___________, and blesses my family, and help them with getting a new house. Also that when I get out He helps me get a job. And helps me stay sober, and do the right thing.

G – I just want to pray for my Grandma that she will be happy and healthy. Also that I may see her soon. I also want to pray for all the volunteers – that y’all continue to spread the Word of God. Please I ask the Lord to continue to go on and bless everyone in here that we may go home changed and very soon.

B – I want to pray for my mon and my brother.

J – I’m thankful to see another day of life, another chance to prove myself to my family and friends. Thankful for the news I got, if it’s true, watch over ____ while I’m away getting myself together to become a father.

H – Pray for my mom and pray that my dad gets out.

C – I pray for my family to keep them safe and happy and help them through their daily struggles. I also pray to help me through the time that I am here to help me learn what I need to.

C – I pray for peace for me and my family. I pray that God would help me do whatever it takes to help me pass this polygraph. __ - I want to pray for my family. I’m thankful for another day.

M – I want to have help from God and I want Hin to help my struggle. Bless all my loved ones and to bless everyone in the system.

R – Pray for my dad that he nails his job interview ___ ______.

J – I request a prayer for the blessing of my __________ on ________. I request that this blessing be heard by God and that he is blessed, too, for the blessing will bless him. I request a prayer that God will watch over my family and animal family, and that they become blessed as well.

R – I pray that my friends and family are in good health, and that my dad can get a better job and be happy. I pray for. ____ to accept my letter and write me back. __ - Thank God for life. Pray for my family.

B – I thank God every day for waking me up every morning. I thank him for putting food in my stomach and taking care of me.

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