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Air Chapel - mission obective

Community Services Network, Inc. (CSN) is a faith based interdenominational company of volunteers dedicated to the moral excellence, humanity, and emotional intelligence of our people. CSN networks community people and positive groups that express joy, faith, hope, and high social standards. Teaching specific skills related to good character is a CSN mission. Specific needs of Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) children and their families are a concern of the community. CSN bridges community, church, civic, law, and justice departments with people needs. Resources are identified and developed to help our community.

Rudy and Jaquline

The schedule of services, church and civic visits are being provided by CSN. Opportunities to minister to spiritual needs and social skills of youth are ongoing.

Multi-denominational worship services, spiritual lessons, civic talks, art and culture appreciation, youth group music, skits and games are currently being made available through community outreach volunteers. Emphasis is on positive and exciting programs to the Boot Camp theme of operation.

The youth are learning from the community of faith; the community is learning from the children. Programs that promote community and faith can reduce the recurring dependence to correctional institute living.

The community facility, across from the Boot Camp facility,  is a place for children and their families. The design of the center is a place of spiritual encouragement.

Air Chapel is a place for family rest, meditation and classes relating to restoring justice for juveniles. Volunteers, staging for programs prior to JDC visits are done at the center. Information and assistance for the families will be offered by CSN volunteers and staff.

Air Chapel mission increases the ability of our community to raise and care for our children.

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