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"Air is Vital and Free and so is God's Grace"

Air Chapel - barnabas' place


The command to "encourage" is found throughout the Bible and ancient History.  Youth, parents, guardians, family, friends and ministers hold these ancient truths and examples in your highest regard.  These brothers and sisters are how we can encourage others.



Build each other up.

Find quality in people.

Respect leaders.

Look for ways to cooperate.

Hold leaders in highest regard.

Stop & hold critical comments.

Live in peace. / Warn the Idle.

Find ways to agree with others.

Encourage the timid.

Love and encourage the shy. / Speak God's promises.

Help the weak.

Protect, love and pray.

Resist Revenge.

Do not repay evil with evil.

Be joyful.

God is always in control.

Pray continually. / Give thanks.

Talk to God-He is always with you. / List your gifts and give thanks.

Do not put out the Spirit's fire.

Your soul has great intellect. / Listen. / Christian meetings have value.

Do not treat prophecies with contempt. / Avoid every kind of evil.

Situations lead to circumstances. / Avoid bad situations.

Count on God's constant help.

Live through God's power.

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